Petit Déjeuner

Winter Menu

At the Buffet

Cold meats
Hot meats
'Meats' (VG)
Caviar blancmange
Soufflé à la Agassi
Hollandaise fountain
Quiche of the Week

A La Carte

Eggs au Line Judge 14
Lobster tartare (€10 supplement)38
The Chairman’s BriochePOA
Sorbet Three Ways15
Gauloises Blondes (20 pack)22

From the Cellar

Perrier Water, ‘95122
Lucozade Sport, Mixed Berry, ‘98 (1.5l)135
Badoit ‘smaller bubbles’ (NV)12
TRC Racquet Rosé Spritz13
Chocolat chaud (Iced)6
Breakfast lagers — Asst.5

No flash photography.The front-of-house reserve the right to refuse service to any members in below-the-knee shorts. Fashionable intolerances will be indulged ‘up to a point’. Most of our quiches are available poolside at no extra cost. For room service, please dial extension ‘33’ and ensure all towelling robes are securely fastened.